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    “Ah, yes, divorce... from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet.”

    Do you hate it when you really need money, but your wallet is empty? No matter how little or how much money you have, spending it wisely is a good idea; it allows you to get the most bang for your buck. But how do you spend money wisely? People actually tend to overspend in a few specific areas; following the steps below will improve your overall pocketbook health.


    ** (How to spend money wisely)

    **Spend according to limited wallet money.

    **What are the techniques required to spend wisely

    **Tips to spend wisely

    ** Come up with a budget. Financial experts suggest you track your spending for a few months so that you start work on your budget knowing where your money is going.
    If you are bad about saving receipts for cash purchases, keep a notebook with you, to write down all cash purchases as you make them. Additionally, make a list of your monthly expenses, using your bills and the information you gather. Review this list to determine where you can reduce expenses and by how much.
    ** Avoid impulse buying. Before making any purchase, ask yourself a few simple questions, and be honest with your answers. Only move on to the next question if you can answer yes to the current one. If you cannot get all the way through the questions, it is probably an impulse buy and you should pass it up.

    **Do I need it?

    **Will I use it?

    **Is this the best price I can get on it?

    **Does it add value to my life or my estate?

    ** Shop around regularly for utilities and insurance. Many service providers count on customers sticking with the services simply because it is easier than shopping for another one regularly. If it has been more than a year since you purchased your cell or home phone service, cable or satellite package, internet service, or car, home, or health insurance, shop around and make sure you are still getting the best deal.

    ** Research large purchases before buying. Never purchase anything that costs more than $200 without conducting some research first. The more expensive the item, the more research you will want to conduct. Your research should compare brands, prices, and quality so that you can determine which product is the best for you and your budget. Some reputable places to start your research include:

    ** Think about the things in your life that you tend to spend the most money on. Most of these areas are outlined below, with suggestions as to how you can cut down on spending in them.

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