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    Complete Currency Trader is a full fledged forex trading course developed by James Edward. James Edward is a hedge fund manager who manages his own fund. Just watch this 75 minute forex seminar recording FREE and you will get an idea about the power and quality of Complete Currency Trader Course. This forex seminar was conducted by James Edward in 2012 for the industry professionals. This is what James Edward says: “Watch my acclaimed seminar, and if you genuinely feel it doesn’t reveal valuable information, I’ll send you $100 or a full proprietary trading system as compensation! What ever happens, you come out ahead.” So don’t miss watching this seminar recording. In trading, just like everything else, the cream always rises to the top. Here are two questions you need to answer honestly:

    1) Do you have a genuine edge that gives you an advantage over other traders?

    In other words, do you know something they don’t? Something that’s proven to work over a large number of trades?
    … and …

    2) Do you have the skills to make your edge work for you?

    Or are you jumping in too early … not getting in at all … exiting too early … or otherwise making an inconsistent mess of things? That’s basically what you need to become an elite trader: an edge and the skills to put it into practice in trade after trade. It’s easy to say, but hard to teach. That’s why what we’ve seen from James Edward over the last week “absolutely” has our attention. Not only has he offered access to not one but TWO high-powered seminars that show you how a real currency fund manager trades (that would be “expertly” and “profitably” using a proven edge) …

    But now he’s revealed something even better: James is actually offering to teach you to trade, to teach you his system, and give you access to his incredible currency strength analysis software. He’s hinted to us earlier that he would eventually offer something truly extraordinary to a select group of traders. But I didn’t expect anything quite as brilliant as this. In the short time we’ve been permitted to peek at his material, we’ve been absolutely blown away by the …

    * Detailed revelations of how all the different pieces of the forex market fit together (and yes, it turns out this explains a whole lot the average trader doesn’t understand about how things work)

    * Key insights into what really makes prices move (and how to take advantage of this with ruthless precision)

    * Shockingly effective method he applies to ensure his edge picks out the best currencies to trade (and when to trade them for maximum, repeated profits)

    * Painstakingly-prepared custom software that’s incredibly easy-to-use and yet amazingly powerful at putting that edge into practice (this alone is an extraordinary product), plus the

    * Step-by-step skill-building ‘course within a course’ material that shows you exactly how to build your trading skills with amazing speed and efficiency (something we’ve NEVER seen offered by anyone before)

    Quite honestly, we’ve never come across a package quite like this one. It’s like getting an advanced degree in trading methods, trading psychology and trading skills all in one convenient masterpiece. It’s absolutely complete! You’ll never need another system, guide or program again. So even though we’ve been encouraging you to watch James’ legendary seminar for the past week — because we KNEW it would open your eyes to a more sophisticated way of trading…

    Because if you even want to see what’s being offered, you need to watch the entire “forex unveiled” seminar first: That’s because it cuts out the ‘tire-kickers’. And ensures you have the genuine thirst for success that’s required of a dedicated trader who really wants to make it big. So learn everything you can from Part 1. Then — if the offer’s hasn’t sold out yet — you’ll get a special invitation to see the follow-on video. That’s where you’ll see everything James is offering. But even that Part 2 video is restricted.

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