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    A table which shows the exchange rates for currency pairs

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    "Euros - Dollars"

    Currency Table is a simple application that shows the exchange rates for 15 currency pairs.

    Add your preferred pairs, access calculator and charts and refresh for getting the updated information. The app is useful for those who want to know everything about stocks and be up-to-date with currency news and changes.

    M. Brodski Software is the developer of Currency Table, a tool for those interested in economy and currency rates. The app gathers information from several sources such as: Yahoo! Finance, European Central Bank, Da Afghanistan Bank, Bank of Albania, Bank of Algeria, Central Bank of Argentina and others. The complete list can be viewed on the developer's description.

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    The table shows the exchange rates for max. 15 selected currency pairs. To add a currency pair, press the plus button, to remove a currency pair - the minus button. To replace a currency pair, click on one of the flags.
    Exchange rates are updated when you click on the update button in the upper right. The calculator and charts can be accessed via a click on the button with the calculator symbol. You can click the chart to enlarge it.
    Current prices are available from Yahoo! Finance and the daily official exchange rates of the European Central Bank, several national banks and government institutions around the world. The available sources can be configured via the menu item Sources.
    Widget for three exchange rates with a choice of data source.

    The complete list of sources:
    Yahoo! Finance,
    European Central Bank,
    Da Afghanistan Bank,
    Bank of Albania,
    Bank of Algeria,
    National Bank of Angola,
    Central Bank of Argentina,
    Central Bank of Armenia,
    Reserve Bank of Australia,
    Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan,
    Central Bank of Bahrain,
    Bangladesh Bank,
    Central Bank of Barbados,
    National Bank of the Republic of Belarus,
    Bitcoin Average,
    Central Bank of Bolivia,
    Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
    Bank of Botswana,
    Central Bank of Brazil,
    Bulgarian National Bank,
    National Bank of Cambodia,
    Bank of Canada,
    People's Bank of China,
    Central Bank of the Congo,
    Central Bank of Costa Rica,
    Croatian National Bank,
    Central Bank of Cuba,
    Czech National Bank,
    Danish National Bank,
    Eastern Caribbean Central Bank,
    Central Bank of Egypt,
    Bank of England,
    National Bank of Ethiopia,,
    Central Bank of the Gambia,
    National Bank of Georgia,
    Bank of Ghana,
    Central Bank of the Republic of Guinea,
    Bank of Guyana,
    Bank of China (Hong Kong),
    Hungarian National Bank,
    Central Bank of Iceland,
    International Monetary Fund,
    Reserve Bank of India,
    Bank Indonesia,
    Central Bank of Iran,
    Central Bank of Iraq,
    Bank of Israel,
    Bank of Jamaica,
    SMBC Trust Bank (Japan),
    National Bank of Kazakhstan,
    Central Bank of Kenya,
    Central Bank of Kuwait,
    National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic,
    Central Bank of Lesotho,
    Central Bank of Libya,
    Monetary Authority of Macao,
    National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia,
    Central Bank of Madagascar,
    Reserve Bank of Malawi,
    Bank Negara Malaysia,
    Central Bank of Mauritania,
    Bank of Mauritius,
    Bank of Mexico,
    National Bank of Moldova,
    Bank of Mongolia,
    Bank of Mozambique,
    Central Bank of Myanmar,
    Bank of Namibia,
    Nepal Rastra Bank,
    Reserve Bank of New Zealand,
    Central Bank of Nigeria,
    Central Bank of Norway,
    Central Bank of Oman,
    Central Bank of Paraguay,
    Central Bank of the Philippines,
    National Bank of Poland,
    Qatar Central Bank,
    National Bank of Romania,
    Central Bank of Russia,
    National Bank of Rwanda,
    Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency,
    National Bank of Serbia,
    Monetary Authority of Singapore,
    South African Reserve Bank,
    Seoul Money Brokerage Services (South Korea),
    Central Bank of Sri Lanka,
    Central Bank of Sudan,
    Central Bank of Suriname,
    Bank of Sweden,
    Swiss National Bank,
    Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan),
    National Bank of Tajikistan,
    Bank of Tanzania,
    Bank of Thailand,
    Central Bank of Tunisia,
    Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey,
    Central Bank of Turkmenistan,
    National Bank of Abu Dhabi (UAE),
    Bank of Uganda,
    National Bank of Ukraine,
    Central Bank of Uruguay,
    U.S. Federal Reserve System,
    Central Bank of Uzbekistan,
    Visa Inc.,
    Central Bank of West African States,
    Central Bank of Yemen,
    Bank of Zambia.

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