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    Discount Calculator Free By Seven Leaf
    Ever need to calculate an item's price with a discount?
    Tired of not knowing what the final price will be while trying to save money? This Easy to use Discount Calculator is your answer.

    App Includes :
    - Easy to navigate User Interface with a Spin wheel for discount and tax percentages
    - Supports Speech to Text for fast entry of Total Item Price and Item Names
    - Contains Easy to use Data Table showing all your recent logged transactions
    - All Amounts recalculate instantly as you change discount and or tax variables (Quick way to see Percent Off Values)
    - Option to store discount values as you shop with aggregate values calculated on each addition
    - Leverages smart phone technology allowing user to swipe from discount screen to data table screen and a spin wheel
    - Store names of items so you can quickly remember which item the discount belongs too
    - View Total Money Savings
    - Works as a great Calculator

    How to use:

    Discount Calculator Free By SL works in the following way:
    - Spin the percentage wheels for discount and tax percentage
    (All values will recalculate upon changes to wheel)
    - If there is no discount or tax, leave it at zero and it will ignore the calculation
    - Enter the total item price either by keyboard or Speech to Text feature.
    *Please note you must have an internet connection for Speech to Text to work. It uses the Android Phone Mic for audio record and send the sound (sounds) waves to Google's Voice Recognition machine.
    - Calculate the total discount by hitting the calculate button on the bottom right or shifting the percentage wheel.
    * Note: If you made a mistake entering the values you may hit the reset button at any time
    - When you are ready to buy the item, hit the 'Add it' Button and it will transfer the Financial data to the Discount Table.
    * Swipe Left on your screen to goto the discount table or Hit Menu then Table
    * To go back swipe right or hit Menu or hit the back key

    Other features for Discount Calculator Include :
    - Option to adjust brightness to save battery (Hit Menu)
    - Prevent phone from sleeping so session is uninterrupted when bargain shopping for long periods of time

    Here are some suggested uses :

    Discount Calc is the perfect free app for Black Friday Shopping. Let it be your shopping buddy for great sales when Black Friday hits after Thanksgiving Holidays
    Use it for the Christmas Shopping List. Ensure you get the most out of your scarce budget. Optimize what you can buy on your Christmas Shopping List.

    Discount Calculator By SL is an invaluable finance tool when shopping on internet, at the mall, and or at a store.

    Substitute Discount Calculator as a Percentage Calculator. The Spin wheel makes it very easy to adjust percentage calculations. Even if you are not calculating Tax or Discount amounts, the app can provide quick results for a percentage multiplied by an amount.

    Improve budgeting : Use it to augment your current financial budget software by keeping a more accurate record of your transactions. Use the table to transfer finance transaction data at the end of a shop session. Money management is important and it works great for saving money in a smart way.

    - Use the tax wheel as a way to calculate tips
    Will function perfectly well as a tip calculator if you leave the discount amount at zero.

    - Use the tax wheel to calculate mark up

    Shop Savvy and impress your friends as you quickly crank out item prices and discounts

    Multiple uses as a Percentage Calculator

    A Great assistant when shopping on the web

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    We hope you enjoy Discount Calculator By Seven Leaf
    Feel free to give us suggestions and or feedback. It helps tremendously when trying to improve the application experience for everyone. Stay tuned for great updates!

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