Easy Family Budget Aid (Free)

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    Easy Family Budget Aid (Free)

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    Learning All About Budgeting Strategies For Busy Families Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Finances!

    If you want to truly learn how to need to know these budgeting secrets!

    You know why most people have a tendency not to be able to save money? It's because they don't know authorities agree that before crunching the numbers, families need to scrutinize of their financial wellness—and the best chance of success comes from having both mates on board..

    It's so crucial to set your financial priorities in life as this may help secure your financial future. Too much stress could come from mishandled funds. Some individuals might make mistakes in setting their financial priorities like saving more for their children's college education and a lesser for their own retirement.

    You can really save some money if you learn all about Budgeting Strategies For Busy Families!

    People who struggle with saving money and budgeting will find these things in common:
    - They don't know how to set financial priorities.
    - They have no idea how to limit spending!
    - They don't know they need to pay themselves first.
    - They also don't understand they need to pay down credit cards.

    In this budgeting strategies app, you will learn about:

    1. Up-to-date 9 top budgeting strategies tips secrets. You will learn:
    - Understand your state of affairs
    - Set financial priorities
    - Pay yourself first
    - Pay down Credit Cards
    - Ways to save money at home
    - Limit non-essential spending
    and many other useful things!

    2. Full audio version of the whole book. This audio book don't require any internet connection to listen. Listen to free audio books on the go!

    3. FREE mobile calculator:
    - Savings calculator - See how quickly you can save for your next big purchase, whether it's an overseas trip, home deposit or car.
    - Loan calculator - Work out your repayments on a personal loan.
    - Mortgage calculator - Calculate your repayments on a home loan. See what happens if interest rates change.
    - Superannuation calculator - Find out how much super you will have when you retire.
    - Interest-free deal calculator - Work out what your interest-free deal will really cost you.

    4. Money Health Check
    This Money Health Check feature can check whether your finances are under control, with simple steps to improve any gaps. Answer some quick questions and you'll find out if your finances are under control or could be better, and what areas need attention. This financial health check can be used by all types of people, young or old, well-off or struggling.

    Money health check topics covered:
    - Financial goals
    - Income and expenses
    - Managing debts
    - Saving and investing
    - Asset protection (insurance)
    - Super and retirement
    - Estate planning

    - Provides you with a personalised assessment of your financial health.
    - Gives you a list of 'Your top 5 actions' - the most important things you can do to improve your personal finances, with tips for each one.
    - Allows you to save or email your actions so that you can tick them off as you complete them.

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    This year marks a paragon time to get hold of your finances and produce a family budget that gives you financial peace and a clear list of spending and saving goals for the days ahead.

    Download this app to find out more.

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