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    Published: 2014-01-14, by .

    Keep track of your stocks portfolio over time

    • Can customize data input and display
    • Far too simplistic visual presentation
    • No integration with online portfolios
    • Entering data painstaking

    "Show me the money"

    Startups Igniter's Easy Stocks is a tool to let you follow the day-to-day changes in your stocks portfolio.

    Enter in the data of which stocks you have purchased, when you bought them, and for what price you nabbed 'em. Based on this information in the context of the market, the app will generate charts and figures illustrating your net gain/loss over time. Change the graph to display daily, weekly, or yearly information. Updates arrive from the market every fifteen minutes, and the app works with both the NYSE and the Nasdaq.

    The design of the app is extremely stark, which makes it rather unpleasant to use. Entering data regarding your portfolio is also painstaking, especially if you are invested in a wide range of stocks.

    Startups Igniter's Easy Stocks doesn't measure up to many other portfolio tracking apps out there, especially those with automatic integration with your online portfolio.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jan 14, 2014


    Easy Stocks allows you to easily follow your stocks portfolio. You can feed it in with the stocks you bought, and based on your purchase operations and real market data, it will provide you with information on your portfolio gain/loss.

    Do you actively invest in stock markets? Follow your portfolio
    the smart way with Easy Stocks.

    Not a stock market investor yet? Jump on it and simulate your own operations with
    Easy Stocks in a very seamless intuitive manner.


    - Ease of use: the perfect app for low/medium level investors
    - Alerts management: get notified when a stock price or gain/loss reaches a user defined threshold value
    - Automatic updates every minute for stock values of your portfolio
    - Daily, weekly, and yearly graphs
    - Buy operations can be inserted by editing the purchase price, and number of stocks
    - Utility for calculating the number of stocks for the investment amount desired
    - Gain/loss for every single stock and for the overall portfolio

    The app works for NYSE and Nasdaq.

    Stock values are deferred 15 minutes respect to real time.

    If you have suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to drop us an email:

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