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    EZ Real Estate App is the perfect resource for the real estate investor. This tool will help you screen different properties in which you're considering to buy. All calculations are done for you. If you're buying a rental property, try using our Cash Flow Analysis tool. If you looking for a fixer, then use our Cost of Repair tool.

    The pro edition allows to synchronize your data with the website and other devices.

    Warren Buffet famously said, "the first rule of investing is not to lose money." This includes avoiding real estate investments you can't afford to own. Consider the get-rich-quick guru headline "Buy with no Money Down". Even if the notion was possible, how many of these properties could you actually afford to own?

    The cost of ownership is full of hidden expenses. Maintenance, vacancy loss, and others. How do you track all of these? Pen and paper? Inconvenient spreadsheets you can't access on the go?

    How do maximize your real estate profits? By screening out properties that don't make financial sense. This begins with cash management. EZ Real Estate App uses a cash flow approach.

    We've made finance simple for real estate investors. Simply enter the details and EZ Real Estate App will do the rest. This includes calculating the mortgage payments, accounting for maintenance & vacancy loss, and estimating your cash flow. EZ Real Estate App will save your data as long as you need it.

    Hidden expenses are the biggest stumbling block for real estate investors. EZ Real Estate App requires you to go through a minimum checklist of expenses to keep you from overlooking some of them.

    EZ Real Estate App can do all of your tracking for you! You can save and compare all the properties in which you're considering to buy. You also have the option to save your data in the cloud and access it through the EZ Real Estate App website.

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