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    FinanceApp is an capicious accounting software. With it you can manage a private houshold just as a little association. You can build reserves for vacation or distribute big yearly payments like insurance over all month constantly. You can see, where you spend your money for or what is still open of business travel expenses.

    FinanceApp is based on double-entry-accounting. Thus you find mistakes in booking quickly. But it is also written for people without knowledge in commercial business

    In detail FinanceApp provides the following functions:

    - Reporting of income and expenses
    - Reporting of inventory (Cash, Bank, Outlay ...)
    - Controlling with budgets
    - Foreign currencies and exchange rates
    - Controlling of open items
    - Recurring payments and split of transactions
    - Dealing with accounts and sub-account structures
    - Multiple databases

    Another feature of FinanceApp: Less authority!
    FinanceApp need less authorities. Especially not the authority for internet connectivity. Think about, wether every authority that an app requested, is really need for its application. Often does not.

    You can get FinanceApp as a free download in this market. But the version is limited to 50 bookings.

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