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    A collection of 70+ calculators albeit mostly finance related in one easy to use app. Furthermore, you are able to copy, share, and export calculations. More financial calculators coming and feel free to e-mail me suggestions, problems, and the like.

    At Present:
    Annuity - Future Value calculator
    Annuity - Payment (FV) calculator
    Annuity Due - Future Value calculator
    Annuity Due Payment (FV) calculator
    Currency Converter
    Average Collection Period calculator
    BMI Calculator calculator
    Bond Equivalent Yield calculator
    Capital Gains Yield calculator
    Compound Interest calculator
    Continuous Compounding calculator
    Current Ratio calculator
    Days in Inventory calculator
    Debt Ratio calculator
    Debt to Equity Ratio (D/E) calculator
    Debt to Income Ratio calculator
    Decibels of Change calculator
    Dividend Payout Ratio calculator
    Dividend Yield (Stock) calculator
    Discount Calculator calculator
    Dividends Per Share calculator
    Doubling Time calculator
    Doubling Time - Continuous Compounding calculator
    Earnings Per Share calculator
    Equity Multiplier calculator
    Estimated Earnings calculator
    Future Value calculator
    Future Value Continuous Compounding calculator
    Future Value Factor calculator
    Growing Annuity - Future Value calculator
    Growing Annuity Payment - PV calculator
    Growing Annuity - Present Value calculator
    Growing Perpetuity - Present Value calculator
    Interest Coverage Ratio calculator
    Inventory Turnover Ratio calculator
    Loan - Balloon Balance calculator
    Loan - Payment calculator
    Loan - Remaining Balance calculator
    Loan to Deposit Ratio calculator
    Loan to Value Ratio calculator
    Mortgage Calculator calculator
    Net Asset Value calculator
    Net Profit Margin calculator
    Net Working Capital calculator
    Ohm's Law calculator
    Payback Period calculator
    Perpetuity calculator
    Planetary Age Calculator calculator
    Planetary Weight Calculator calculator
    Preferred Stock calculator
    Present Value calculator
    Present Value - Continuous Compounding calculator
    Price to Book Value calculator
    Price Earnings Ratio calculator
    Price to Sales Ratio calculator
    Quick Ratio calculator
    Random Password Generator calculator
    Rate Of Inflation calculator
    Receivables Turnover Ratio calculator
    Retention Ratio calculator
    Return on Assets (ROA) calculator
    Return on Equity (ROE) calculator
    Return on Investment (ROI) calculator
    Risk Premium calculator
    Rule of 72 calculator
    Sales Tax Calculator calculator
    Simple Interest calculator
    Stock - PV with Constant Growth calculator
    Tax Equivalent Yield calculator
    Total Stock Return calculator
    Tip Calculator calculator
    Zero Coupon Bond Value calculator
    Zero Coupon Bond Yield calculator

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