Interest Rate Change Analyzer

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    How much will affect you if your loan interest rate go up or down? This app allows you to figure out how much breathing space you currently have.

    Simply entering your situation details such as income and expenses, and your mortgage situation (loan amount and period plus current interest rate) you will be able to analyze variations of the interest rate.

    Some additional features are:
    - Export results to a spreadsheet and send it to your email
    - Build a chart to graphically see interest rate variation on your budget
    - Able to calculate on P+I (principal plus interest) or IO (interest only) basis
    - Full help on every single screen. Easy to use and understand.

    Most of us are always paying attention to central banks (FED, RBA, etc) movements of the interest rate. This will finally influence your home loan interest rate. Hikes are what we care the most. What we fear the most. This app allows you to basically analyze different variations and be prepared for hikes. Budget ahead.

    openBiz Solutions commits to provide frequent updates to enhance the application as well as fixing as soon as possible any issues that could arise.

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