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    I.O.Who? is a tabsplitter-type application. It helps you divide any expenses you've had evenly on every participant in a group, taking in to account what everyone already paid.

    Imagine you are on a ski trip with your friends. On this vacation only you and a few of your friends end up paying for everything while some of your friends never seem to pay. At the end of the trip when you wan't to settle the account, you end up loosing a lot of money just because you forgot a few things. With I.O.Who? you not only won't forget anything, you can also calculate exactly how much everyone owes you.

    I.O.Who? sums up all the expenses you and your mates had during the trip and then split the tab evenly, taking in to account what you already paid.

    PS. It doesn't have to be a ski trip. It might be a stag party, a vacation abroad or whatever you can think of.

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