Loan calculator

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    This application allows you to find out:
    - How much can I borrow?
    - How long will it take me to pay a certain amount paying this much per month?
    - What is the monthly repayment for a certain amount in this amount of years?
    - How much interest and P+I will I end up paying for the whole loan?
    - How are the repayments going to look like across the years?

    In addition to this, you are able to view all repayments in a list including details such as repayment number, principal and interest on the repayment and total paid accrued.

    Export to a spreadsheet and send it to your email account. Analyze the results in your favorite spreadsheet program or share it with others.

    How does it work?
    Basically, you will get 4 boxes to complete (interest rate, loan amount, period of loan and monthly repayment). By entering 3 values you will be able to find out the fourth one.
    For example, if you know interest rate, loan amount and period, you could find out the monthly repayment.

    openBiz Solutions commits to provide frequent updates to enhance the application as well as fixing as soon as possible any issues that could arise. Please contact us at for any suggestion, issue or bug.

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