Meal Tip Calculator




    Stylish, fast and easy tip calculator that allows you to quickly add a tip, split a bill, and track the expense.

    Besides the convenience and ease of use, this calculator could save you money:
    • You can specify the tax rate so that the calculator is calculating tip on the pre-tax bill (why tip on the tax amount as well?)
    • If you are splitting the bill with a large group of friends, it will prompt you to double check you bill to see if the tip has already been included (some restaurants automatically do that for large parties).

    Calculator feature details:
    • simple and intuitive user interface
    • numeric keypad for easy bill amount entry
    • shake to reset values, swipe to round values
    • split bill between several people
    • ability to round on check total or tip amount
    • option to calculate the tip based on the pre-tax amount
    • detects that the bill is being divide among a large group of people and provides recommendation to check the bill to see if a tip is already included

    Expense Tracker features details:
    • Quickly add new meal expense to tracker
    • View summary of spend for 7 days, 14 days, and 1 month

    • Provides fun food facts for light entertainment after a meal
    • Ability to choose between a stylish wood or metal look

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