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    MoneyLog is a financial application that allows you to record all expenses and revenues.
    Details the entries for:
    * Type of payment / receipt (credit card, cash)
    * Type of expenditure / revenus ( cars, food / salary)
    * Type group ( for example aggregates the costs of specific travel )
    * Type of account ( my expenses, household expenses etc..).
    * Notes, recording the date, amount.
    All items are customizable by the user type in the desired order and define typologic icon

    Through the reports section you can query and report all expenses and gains included with totals by month and types included
    Available reports:
    * Chronological (total at the end of month and end of report)
    * Expenditure Type (total for category and end of report)
    * Type of Payment (total for category and end of report)
    * Type of Expenditure and revenue (total at the end of month and end of report)
    * Percentage chart type (expenditure, payment, group, cost)
    All are querying date range for type expenses / income, type of payment / receipt, account type and type Group.
    Chronological reports, expenditure type, type of payment can be exported to Excel or via eMail sdcard.
    * Password protection on consultation input data

    Other Features:
    * Backup and restore data directly in XML.
    * Reporting and editing entries locked by password.
    * Edit and rapid elimination of the items directly from the report.
    * Highlight the account types with different background colors.
    * Defining the threshold of spending by type. Is the total reported in line every time you save a new Aspesi.
    * Merge data and 'can import your device charges / receipts submitted by other users differentiated by keeping the income.
    The entries will be available through the Report, but will not be editable.

    Requires permission to write files on sdcard for export xml, xls
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