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    Featured on! Easily track your finances, all in one place in this smart, sleek, digital checkbook/expense tracker/bill reminder.

    For about the price of your morning coffee, mooLa will help you organize and track your money and bills all year long. See your banks, credit cards, and bills in one simple, streamlined application. Control where your money goes and get important real-time alerts and reminders about your accounts. mooLa is safe and secure, and unlike other financial apps, does not require sensitive banking information.

    Key features:
    • Track all your money and bills in one place
• Receive bill due date reminders
• Password lock
    • Get important account notifications
    • View detailed bill & account statements
• Add an unlimited number of accounts
    • Customizable categories
    • View spending habits by category, subcategory, and payee
    • Data import/export/backup

    • Enjoy well deserved financial peace of mind

    mooLa helps you keep track of your money and bills, giving you a simple overview of your cash, bills, and credit card debt. Once you understand what you owe, you can find ways to budget your money better. Control your spending and bills due with transaction history, and never miss a bill with push notifications.

    Stop giving away your hard earned money to your bank! Banks hold your real account balance hostage in the hopes of charging you outrageous overdraft fees because you failed to manage your money properly.

    Don't use an app that downloads information from your bank, as it will not have accurate real-time information about your accounts. Credit/debit card purchases could take days to post to your accounts, and if you live on a tight budget you run great risk of overdrafting and shelling out big bucks to your bank.

    ======== NOTES ===================

    THE TRANSFER FEATURE IS NOT MISSING FROM THE APP. Long click an account, the updown arrows is transfer.

    The widget is being worked on right now, it will be back in the next release.

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    Monica Martin

    by Monica Martin

    Apr 19, 2017  |  "OK"

    It's a good idea and I liked it except for the fact it kept closing when I'd switch windows between this app and my bank app. Annoying and defeats the purpose when I'm trying to record things. I need ease not complications.

    Trent Sanden

    by Trent Sanden

    Mar 24, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Does not work. After I create my bank account I can't do any deductions or deposit. The next key just don't work. Deleting app. That's too bad because it looks like it's a good app


    by Boondoby1313

    Dec 14, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Love the simple way to keep track record of my spending. Simple and easy. I am not an accounting nerd.

    James Munro

    by James Munro

    Oct 29, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Fake button at bottom sent me to a fb click bate site for online gambling, really on a financial app?

    Lucille Ramsey

    by Lucille Ramsey

    Oct 01, 2016  |  "OK"

    I was super excited, love all the features....but i can't handle the for closures or the browser hijacking when I try to add a bill....fix these issues and I'll even buy the paid full version.

    Bernie Mallon

    by Bernie Mallon

    Sep 19, 2016  |  "OK"

    I've had this app for over a year and though it has had a few problems with freezing up and shutting down in the past, it has pretty much smoothed out. I like it and I need it, so I kept using it. My biggest problem is with the aggressive advertising. I don't mind advertising but I don't like being forced or having my browser hijacked. Today for the first time, when ever I tried to use the app my browser would be hijacked and taken to a page where I was threatened not to close the browser or leave the page. It wanted me to download something to my phone claiming I was infected and must download their program. Scary stuff. A few hours later I tried again and it has stopped. I'm not sure why. You need to come down on these advertisers hard and stop this from happening. To future users of this app I would advise being very careful. I'll be glad to revise my rating when this problem is addressed.