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    Only for citizens of the Russian Federation.

    Once logged into the application, you will see 3 lines for the name and the 4th for the TIN. Enter this information and the app wil determine your tax debt. This is important, as it does to all law-abiding citizens, and more locally when departing on vacations. Also important is that if you believe there is no any debt, the tax department data may contais errors.
    Our program is intuitive simple and lite. No complicated settings and confusing, and no registrations. But it is protected against any unauthorized access.

    - Your account is protected by a PIN code which is entered when you first run the application.
    - PIN code is login and password at the same time. Under certain PIN code creates a profile, i.e. a list of people for cheking debt. If you enter another PIN code, the program does not notify you that you made a mistake, and decides that you are creating a new profile. So, first of all, you can have 2, 3, and any number of profiles at the same time. Second, you can create a fake profile. Those who enter a fake PIN, simply do not understand that he sees a fake list.
    - The application keeps all the data. Therefore, you do have to enter your name and TIN only once.
    - You can enter data for any number of users, and then quickly check the status of their debt.
    - If you do not understand the "captcha", simply shake the phone, and there will be a different combination of numbers (if your phone supports this feature. If does not, then touch the picture to reload the "captcha").

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