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    MyCards Lite is a tool to track and categorize your spending.

    MyCards Lite monitors SMS sent to mobile devices by banks, after each card transaction. This is used to create a picture of your spending habits and patterns, grouped by card and category.

    Bought a new gadget or a fashion accessory with your card ? Now flaunt your special purchases along with the picture of your gadget on Facebook and Twitter.

    MyCards Lite now allows you to share pictures of your purchases along with your comments on Facebook or Twitter.

    It also records the location of your smart phone while a card is being used to alert you if a transaction occurs at remote locations that are not in your usual pattern.

    None of the SMS are modified.
    All analysis is performed on-device and data is stored ONLY on your device.
    MyCards Lite will NEVER access your bank account or send out data to external parties.
    Your data is safe on your smartphone as it is stored ONLY on your device.

    You need NOT configure your bank credentials as it uses only SMS to track and categorise the spending/payments.

    How to use MyCards Lite?
    1. Upon launching the app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up. Please choose a username and password for secure logins to MyCards Lite.
    2. Login to MyCards Lite after sign up:
    a. MyCards Lite will first look through all the SMS locally stored on your smartphone.
    b. Next, you will be presented with a list of multiple cards whose SMS fit the above banks’ patterns
    c. You will now be asked to choose the cards that you want to track.
    d. Choose the card and click on a card to configure additional parameters like card limits, expiry date etc. Save chooses cards and card details.
    e. You can come back to this screen at any point from the Settings option.
    3. You are now all set to use the app. You can track your expenses from the “Expenditure” section and payments from the “Payments” section. Card Limit feature helps you to know your current spending with respect to your card limit. You can control your expenditure if you are nearing your limit.

    4. To delete an entry, long press on it.

    5. You can click or swipe for selecting Expenditure, Payments, Analysis, Change Password, Settings, and Review on home page screen.
    6. Tagging and categorization:
    In the “Expenditure” section, you can view individual SMS and their corresponding transactions.
    You can tag your spending by clicking on the ‘Tag’ icon. This will bring up a list of available tags. Choose one of them to categorize the expense under the chosen tag. This will be reflected both in the individual SMS view and in the Pie-Chart view.
    7. You can share your purchase experience at the restaurant or a mall on Social networks like Facebook and twitter. Share your emotions with friends on Facebook and twitter with pictures by clicking on the ‘Facebook and Twitter’ icon.
    8. You can see your merchant name and your device location by clicking on the ‘Map’ icon.
    9. You can update your location on every N minutes of time using slider, by selecting “Location update” in Settings Screen.
    10. You can compare current month expenses over last month expenses of cards, by selecting “Card Comparison” in Analysis Screen.
    11. You can see your expenses on a particular merchant, by selecting “Merchant” in Analysis Screen.
    12. Need more help or have a suggestion, use the “Feedback” section in Review screen to reach us. You can alternatively send us an email at for any support or feature request.

    We are working towards supporting more banks. If your bank is not supported, send us an email with the name of your bank along with a sample sms that you received from the bank about the transaction.

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