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    The Ocean Intelligence Android App - make quick decisions on the go

    Maritime credit managers do not have standard 9-5 office jobs.

    You need to be able to make quick credit decisions during out of office hours or when you are on the road, without having to power up your laptop or carry your Tablet around.

    The Ocean Intelligence Android app is incredibly easy, quick and intuitive to use - you don't have to scroll through a whole report to find what you are looking for - with one tap you go straight to the appraisal, rating or whichever section of the report that gives you the information you need to make a quick decision.

    This app is unique and the latest innovation in our range of offerings for maritime credit management professionals.

    Your access level is in line with your subscription package:

    * Unlimited Access License holders can view all 4,500 reports in the Ocean Intelligence database of mainly bunker fuel credit reports. You can also access the Daily Intelligence News Service;

    * Daily Intelligence Company News Subscribers can follow the latest news on company results, changes in company operations, risk, mergers and acquisitions;

    * If you have previously purchased single credit reports, you can view these reports, and also check on the status of outstanding orders.

    Get 'push' notifications on the following events:

    -> Available to all UAL holders and report orderers:

    * New report order completed;
    * New credit report available on company for which you previously purchased a report;
    * News article published for company on which you previously purchased a report.

    -> Available to Brightstar Members only:

    * News article published
    * Reference updated
    * Comment posted
    * Credit alert issued
    * New credit report issued

    If you are already an Ocean Intelligence customer, enter your Ocean Intelligence username and password, just like you would on the website, to gain access to your subscription.

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