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    Insurance for Auto, Car, Home, Boat, Motorcycle, Health and Life. Apply for Insurance using Pegasus American Insurance!

    The Pegasus American Insurance app allows US Citizens to apply for a variety of quality Insurance products.

    Auto Insurance (Car Insurance) is one of the most sought after Insurance products, and now you can apply for a great Auto Insurance deal on your Android Phone! Car Insurance prices are rising each year, so it's more important than ever to find a great Car Insurance deal using a tool like Pegasus American Loans. For cheap Auto Insurance this app is a one stop shop!

    Pegasus American Insurance is the easiest way to apply for great deals on Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Boat Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Health Insurance and Life

    If you have ever asked the question where can I get the best value, cheapest Insurance quote, then you need look no further!

    If you are a busy Professional, Student or a retired citizen, we offer a comprehensive product range alongside a competent and speedy service in obtaining the best value
    Insurance quote for your needs.

    Why bother with Insurance in the first place? Some types of Insurance such as Auto Insurance are a legal requirement in most states, and not having cover means that you run the risk of prosecution and a heavy payout if you have an accident. Taking out Auto Insurance is easy, simply fill in the form on the Pegasus American Insurance app and then you will be contacted to go over the details. Having cover on your home will give you peace of mind that your property can be replaced if it is
    damaged/destroyed. Our health is most important to us all, so having a health insurance policy is extremely important to cover medical expenses if we become sick or get injured.
    So don't be one of the 50 million + Americans who currently do not have Health Insurance cover! Life Insurance cover gives people the reassurance that their family will receive financial support if the worst should happen and they lose their life.

    Apply for Home Insurance and feel assured that you have your property protected and at a low price. The unpredictable nature of the weather has made Home Insurance an essential policy to have.

    Apply for Health Insurance and you will know that you have cover if sickness strikes. Health Insurance can be expensive which is why you need to comapre the best deals by applying with Pegasus American Insurance.

    Boat Insurance is mandatory in some States and is a sensible thing to have regardless. Boats are expensive items to repair or replace if damaged so obtaining Boat Insurance is the way to go if you own one.

    Motorcycles are great fun to ride, but are notoriously dangerous. Again, some States require Motorcycle Insurance by law. Don't take any more risk than is necessary- apply for Motorcycle Insurance today!

    Life Insurance is often overlooked by most people, but is an important type of Insurance to consider. If you were to unexpectantly lose your life, you would certainly want your family to have some financial security- buying Life Insurance gives you that security.

    We at Pegasus American Insurance are not the Insurance provider but simply match you with online providers based upon your application.

    We do not have any input or control over Insurance fees or the costs of any finance that may be associated with your policy.

    Applying for Insurance is easy:

    1. Fill out the quick form.

    2. A representative will swiftly be in touch to go through your details and advise you on the best low cost policy to go for.

    Download the Pegasus American Insurance Android app today and apply for the great value Insurance you need!

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