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    The terminology pesa a Swahili word for money and perdiem a term used by many organizations such as ngos(Non Governmental Organisations) to refer some form of money allocated to workers to carry out certain tasks in the field.

    PesaPerdiem is a simple app that can be used to monitor daily expenditure that one incurs. It is simple and helps one to monitor daily to weekly expenditure.

    The target market audience for this app is recommended for the :
    1. Public(any one with knowledge in operating simple smart phones
    2. Institutions and NGOS or even government to help them monitor expenditure of their projects and activities.

    Pesaperdiem has been developed to assist those who need financial management applications to assist in better planning and budgeting


    Export Report: You can export reports in CSV and PDF Format. Path to save report-"/sdcard/PesaPerdiem/*.*"
    Graph Swipe: Use Swipe to change graph rather then clicks
    Manage Favorite: You can edit and delete favorites.
    Listing TabView: Browse Listing using Tabs
    Notification baloon: Notification baloon added to listing and home screen. This will notifies you about number of unfinished entries.

    Set reminder for expense entries
    Track expenses on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
    Graphical representation
    Mark expense entries as favorite and later add it as an expense from favorite
    Take a picture of the expense receipt and save it for future reference
    Save expense as voice recording
    Log location of the expense automatically
    Date and time of the expense is logged automatically
    Expenses can be modified to a previous date

    The following are the features to be incoporated for the next release:
    User Login
    Google Map tagging of expenses
    Simple Analysis Report

    Android Minimum API Level - 10

    Features of Android SDK Used