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    Profitable Forex Guide

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    What exactly is FOREX trading? Put simply, FOREX trading is the buying and selling of international currencies.

    Traditionally, participation in the FOREX market was confined to major banking and trading institutions. But in recent years, technological developments have opened up this once exclusive arena to smaller companies and even individuals by allowing them to trade currencies online.

    Here is the preview of the guide:

    # The Basics of FOREX Trading
    # Reasons To Trade In The FOREX Market
    # Getting Started In The Exciting World Of Forex Trading
    # Overview of Basic FOREX Strategy
    # An Introduction To Forex Charts
    # Forex Charts, Technical Indicators, and Trading Systems
    # An Introduction To Trading Forex Without Indicators
    # Determining Your Strategy
    # Forex Spread Basics
    # Tips For Trading Forex Successfully
    # More Rules Of Thumb for Successful Forex Trading

    The rules, tips, and techniques laid out in this book are designed to lay the groundwork for you to trade successfully. Some of these are hard and fast rules that you definitely must not ignore. Without these, you simply cannot be successful.

    If you do remain disciplined, properly capitalized, and risk aware, Forex trading offers you the opportunity of a lifetime. The leverage available in Forex combined with proper money management can grow a small trading account to levels of equity that you never thought were possible.