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    Save Your Money Pro
    An easy tool to record and analyze personal financial transactions.
    Offer a warner of sustaining the balance of the present expenditure.

    At the corner of this month, do you get across a finance crisis?
    How much money will you get, and how can you make sure it stays there?
    You must have your personal account book on your phone.

    Start managing your daily expense today with Save Your Money Pro.

    1. It can help you keep your all kinds of accounts, you set a login password for yourself, then you can add you accounts or edit them.
    2. All your accounts stores in your own phone through encryption.
    So you will never worry about leak you account information.
    3. There are 12 months for your recording of income and pay at any time.
    4. Create your own categories of budgets.
    Category name, budget type and amount can be added any time.
    5. Log and trace your transactions, of course.
    The result can be viewed by transaction time.
    6. Old transaction records can be deleted or archived.
    7. Generate report on a certain month or year, to reflect real transaction amount against budget.
    Also composition of expense or income can be tracked in history.

    Download Save Your Money Pro for free now!
    Comments and suggestions for this application are welcome.
    If you have any issues email me and I will respond.

    A personal account is such an account for use by an individual for that persons' own needs. It is a relative term to differentiate them from those account for corporate and business use. The term "personal account" may be used generically for financial accounts at banks and for service accounts such as accounts with the phone company, or even for e-mail accounts.

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