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    Simple Gesture Calculator

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    This calculator is different from other traditional calculator.
    Only the touch screen could use this application.
    Because this is a gesture calculator.

    Slide the screen in different direction,the calculation operations will vary accordingly.

    User Instructions:

    1.When you open this application,you will see a very simple user interface.
    On the main interface,there is only the number keyboard.

    2.Click the icon at the left top,and you will know where are all the calculation operation buttons.
    Every operation are explained vividly by the graphics.
    Let's see them together.
    Slide on the screen to right,it is operation of plus.
    Slide on the screen to left,it is operation of minus.
    Similarly,slide on the screen to right twice,it is operation of multiplying.
    Slide on the screen to left twice,it is operation of division.

    In addition to left and right,it also allows you to slide on the screen up and down.
    Slide the screen up and you will clear all the data.
    However,if you slide down on the screen,it is the operation of "="(equal).

    Let's take a calculation for example.
    For example,you want to know that what is the result of 15+20.
    Use this application to help you calculate.
    Click 1 and 5 on the number keyboard.
    Then slide the screen toward right,and the plus icon will appear.
    Next,click the 2 and 0 on the number keyboard.
    Last,slide the screen down and the final result will be displayed on the main interface.

    When you need to uninstall this application,you have to be careful.
    If you have activated this application,before uninstalling,please go to Settings first--> Location & Security--> Select administrator device-->choose this application to deactivate.
    Then follow the ordinary uninstall steps.
    If you don't activate this application,it is easier.Just install as usual.

    Please support us if you like this gesture calculator.
    If you have any problem or feature request,please send us an email.
    We will try to help you solve problems as soon as possible.

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