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    What is a gumshoe?

    The original "gumshoes" of the late 1800's were shoes or boots made of gum rubber, the soft-soled precursors of our modern sneakers... At the turn of the century "to gumshoe" meant to sneak around quietly as if wearing gumshoes, either in order to rob or, conversely, to catch thieves. "Gumshoe man" was originally slang for a thief, but by about 1908 "gumshoe" usually meant a police detective, as it has ever since.

    So what's a stock gumshoe?

    Clearly, it means a stock detective. More accurately, it is a guesstimation of a stock symbol which is being teased about in a financial newsletter's marketing campaign. Financial newsletters often use hype-filled teaser ads to get you to subscribe. To learn about the identity of the teaser stock, you'd need to buy the newsletter. Some of these newsletters can cost from a lowly $49 per year to as high as $5,000!

    Now, you can get the name of the next great stock for FREE!

    Stock Gumshoe researches the clues and finds the answer for you. They use some device affectionately called a Thinkolator. But essentially, the Stock Gumshoe team sleuths out the investments being teased from the clues and facts mentioned in the ad copy. And give you a best estimate of the real answer. In short, they reveal what they think is the secret teaser stock.

    Install this app and you get to easily discover the archived teaser stocks of the past three years in the palm of your hands.

    You will also receive the latest commentaries on the hottest stock ideas instantaneously with just one touch.

    The app also displays a huge and growing storehouse of subscriber-contributed reviews of investment newsletters and trading services, ranked and rated so you can see which ones are subscriber favorites -- and with helpful comments from investors like you to give you an idea of what each letter is really like, look to avoid the next scam or dud idea.

    Or if you'd like to interact with a nice community of like-minded souls, you can do that in the app too. There are over 500 different newsletters being discussed about right now...

    So download this app today! And find the next great investment. Judging from the stock performance tracking, which is also found in the app, triple-digit returns are possible!

    We are not affiliated or associated with Stock Gumshoe. We find that this new approach to stock picking is refreshing and believe that more people can leverage off their investigative work by providing a mobile app. All teaser ads for their consideration should be forwarded via the contact form found inside the app.

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