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    Stock Market Investment Guide

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    Common Sense Beginners Guide To Investing In The Stock Market

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    “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

    Getting a piece of the stock market action can be tempting for novice investors. Tales of other people's gains can make you wonder why you are squirreling cash away in a safe but not especially profitable savings account when you could be buying into funds that could help your money grow much faster.


    ** Are you thinking of investing in the stock market?

    **Advantages of stock market investing.

    **Things to be taken care of investing in the stock market.

    ** 1) Buying and selling of stocks frequently-a major mistake

    **How to start in a Stock Market

    **Benefits of investing in Stock Market

    ** What to do and what not to do?

    Some people, mostly beginners, trade their securities rather too often. It might be due to the tips they hear on TV or the advises that are bombarded by the friends. These things can make you feel that you need to sell your current holdings and buy what’s recommended. However, this doesn't work out. You only manage to make your broker rich in the process because he rakes in trading fees. If you buy and sell frequently, then the benefit will be negligible compared to the losses. Being greedy does not pay in stocks. Remember what Jim Cramer says: “bulls make money, bears make money, hogs get slaughtered”. This habit is not tax friendly either. You would often need to pay short term capital gain tax instead of long term long term capital gain tax which is lower.

    2) Do not panic
    Stock market is essentially for investors who like to experiment with their money. Here, Fear of losing may sink your ship. Of course, you ought to be prudent and cautious while investing in stocks but it is very important to hold your nerve when the market goes down. To win in the long run you should sell only when it yields you proper money. People who are driven by panic are prone to buying high and selling low.

    3) Understanding stock market strategies
    You should be aware of the basic investment strategies before you put your right foot forward. Warren Buffet believes that it is wise to invest in stocks that are undervalued by the market. He rightly points out that if you choose stocks with lower potential but higher price, then it might make you a winner in the long run. This kind of stocks usually grows faster and earns more than people expect. Technical analysis is another strategy that is widely used. Here, charts are used to predict the movement of stocks. It should be noted that this technique works best for short term trade rather than long term investments.

    4) Choose your broker carefully
    Finding out the suitable broker for you can make a difference. While most people settle with brokers that their friends or relatives use, it might be useful to get yourself the best broker by doing some research. You should make sure that your broker has certain qualities. Firstly, the broker should allow you to place trades online. This is important because placing a trade online saves you quite a few bucks compared to doing the same in person. Secondly, don’t hire a broker who charges high fees. More often than not, their advises are not useful. Moreover, if the fees are quite high then it will eat your profits. Finally, if you are a novice then choose a beginner friendly broker. Some brokers are geared more towards veteran investors and their intricate methods may confuse you.

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