Stock Mobile Alert System




    Never again be alarmed to see your share prices rise so high without your knowledge or drop so low you can’t do anything about it because you were uninformed.....Stock Mobile Alert System offers you a final solution

    This is a personalized financial equity application that keeps you updated with the daily fluctuations of your individual company shares and your entire portfolio.

    A totally reliable and user friendly platform that keeps you informed via text messages even when you run out of internet data services to receive emails.

    Move around the world freely and still be informed about how your equity investments are performing. It is a MUST HAVE for every equity investor in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


    • Monitor price movements for profits or losses on your portfolio daily

    • Receive alerts via email or text messages when portfolio appreciates or depreciates by 5%, 10% 15% etc (According to the parameters you have fixed)

    • Set parameters and receive alerts via email and text messages when prices of companies reach the amount you have set

    • Have a one glance graphical display of your portfolio to review its performance

    • Be eligible to receive between 40 – 60 email and text message alerts within your one year subscription

    • Get to know precisely how much regulatory transaction costs and net cost/ proceeds would be by using the Share Calculator for bought and sold transactions

    • Flexibility:

    - You can use the website version and/or mobile application version

    - You can hide your identity and use aliases as you deem fit, just as long as you provide your correct email address and mobile number

    - Monitor price movements for profits or losses on your portfolio daily It is the cheapest and most intelligent way to monitor your portfolio and build your wealth......Intelligently.