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    Stocks Screamer For Day Traders will enable you to find stocks that are breaking out in real time. Its easy to use too! Just refresh the ticker symbols on first run then after that refresh the stock data in one or all 3 major exchanges. StockScreamer will grab every single stock on the Nasdaq, Amex, and / or Nyse exchanges and crunch the data to present you with a real time sorted view of the stocks in market.

    Use it to find the real time Gainers and Losers. You can also cancel your $40+ per month subscription to websites providing this service. Build a watch list in StockScreamer so you can get even faster updates every 5 seconds automatically. StocksScreamer will also let you "zero the stocks" so that any movement in the price will be reflected from 0.0% so you dont have to remember the percent up or down it was when you started watching it and that way the ones that spiked up at the opening then do nothing the rest of the day wont be in the list of the movers and shakers!

    This in an invaluable tool that can help you make quick gains! Catch the stocks that are breaking out NOW.

    Email the devs to get your feature added!

    Get StocksScreamer here so you will get the many exciting updates to come.

    No other stocks app does all this.

    So now When you get the email at the closing bell telling the winners and losers you will be able to say "I know" instead of "Ahhh Man!! if I only would have known!"

    StocksScreamer for Day Traders (and inverstors too) : A small price to pay for being on top of the market!

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