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    This is a new program for the technical analysis of stock market quotations (stock screener). It ranks stocks providing the list of 20 companies which most correspond to query parameters. Evaluation of each share carried out by multiple criterias, priority of which can be modified. The application uses 5 methods of analysis to find stocks according to the criterias:
    1. Assesment of Profit&Risk.
    2. Assesment of stability during the crisis.
    3. Assesment of unusual volumes.
    4. Assesment of potential of future trends.
    5. Assesment of overpriced shares.

    User manual for version 1.0 is here:

    1. Assesment of Profit and Risk

    Analysis uses a profitability index (average increase in stock prices) and risk (the maximum deviation from the Moving Average line, MA).

    2. Assessment of stability during the crisis (in the process of debugging)

    This method of analysis allows you to evaluate the stability of shares during a crisis in the future, for this will be analysed quotes during the crisis of 2008 year.

    3. Assessment of unusual volumes

    This method of analysis allows you to evaluate unusual volumes on the criterias of changing volume and prices.

    4. Assessment potentional of future trends

    Financial analyst Bill Williams created the "Alligator", and suggested that the more intertwined alligator`s lines the more will be the future trend. This method allows you to evaluate the potential of future trends, and application used this technique to assess how market is "compressed".

    5. Assessment of overpriced shares

    This analysis method allows to find and assess stocks which price is too high, and probably will fall soon. Key aspects of the approach taken from the strategy Pump & Dump.

    As a result of the analysis, the program suggested rating of 20 companies that best correspond to a request.


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