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    Stocks Sentiment is a most powerful stocks trading and brand sentiment analysis tool first of its kind in the Android market.

    Stocks sentiment is a twitter based financial sentiment analysis tool. It has mainly two components one being Financial sentiment which directly pulls the financial sentiment for a particular stock from millions of twitter feeds. Second is a Brand sentiment tool which also does similar extraction and analysis of sentiment but gives the overall sentiment on a particular product of a company which is another crucial factor to determine the price movements of a stock.

    Did you ever try to classify emotions like fear and greed with generic text analytics models?
    Investor sentiment is hard to classify in financially themed Twitter messages. There are a few reasons why it’s difficult to capture all the relevant information that’s locked into the content of the 340 million daily tweets: Twitter messages are very short, only 140 characters, which makes it difficult to capture the expressed emotion. Using Stocks Sentiment app you can get this most crucial sentiment information as a response in less than a second which will help you get what majority of people feels about a stock or a product in Twitter.

    Steps to use Stock Sentiment app:
    Select what type of sentiment you want to analyze from Twitter by selecting either Financial Sentiment or Brand Sentiment option.
    Enter Search text which can be any text or a tweet of interest but has to maximum of 140 characters. Click the arrow icon.
    This tool takes your input text and searches all millions of twitter feeds and gives two results
    1. Overall sentiment from twitter for your search text as positive negative or neutral indicated in the color of the flag
    2 . how confident is the algorithm on the result sentiment indicated as a pie chart

    In the search box let's say you entered "$AAPL is highly bullish in short term?" and click Go arrow.
    Suppose you get a response with a green flag and pie chart showing 96% confident. What does it mean?
    It means out of millions of tweets about Apple stock the overall sentiment is positive and the confidence of the algorithm about the response sentiment flag is 96%

    "AAPL is highly bearish in short term" might return a red flag Negative sentiment as response and confidence as 96% which means the app is 96% confident that Twitter users feel negative sentiment about Apple being bearish in the short term. Both are same.

    Similar approach holds good for searching product sentiment.

    Financial Sentiment :
    The language of financial markets
    *Financial markets speak their own language. This tool helps you to truly understand what market professionals think and feel.
    *Find true signal
    Filter for irrelevant noise on social media that doesn't have relevance to actual asset price movement.
    Automatically capture financial sentiment on social media regarding stocks, commodities or Forex in real-time.
    Our algorithm has an accuracy of 84.3% on a binary scale and an accuracy of 76.8% on a three point scale.

    Consumer Sentiment:
    Get to know your customers
    *Use consumer sentiment for brand management, user experience and instant product feedback.
    *Deeper strategic insights
    Develop deeper strategic insights in area's like trend analytics, business intelligence and long-term asset management.
    Automatically capture consumer sentiment on social media regarding brands, product releases and company information in real-time.
    Our algorithm has an accuracy of 84.7% on a binary scale and an accuracy of 86.9% on a three point scale.

    This Stocks Sentiment android application needs to be used for information purpose only to just understand the financial and brand sentiment of the twitter feeds but doesn't guarantee the actual price changes of any stocks.

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