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    Calculate your Tax Refund with Taxster

    Taxster is a tax calculator. It will help you quickly and accurately calculate your 2013 U.S. Federal Income Tax return. Taxster is based on the 1040 EZ Federal Income Tax Return Form and is designed for people who file the 1040EZ. With your W-2 form(s) and Taxster, you can quickly determine your refund or how much you owe in Taxes. Taxster is not tax preparation software and you cannot use it to E-file your taxes. Taxster does not collect personal information such as Names, Addresses or Social Security Numbers.
    Taxster can calculate up to five W-2 forms. IMPORTANT: If your taxable income is over $100,000 or you have over $1,500 in taxable interest , Taxster will not work for you. These are requirements for the 1040EZ as well.

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