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The Stock Advisor STG

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    ***This app is no longer available and has been replaced by 'The Stock Advisor Elite'. Please search for and download The Stock Advisor Elite.***

    Trade like a pro with The Stock Advisor STG (Short Term Growth) iPhone App!

    Receive daily stock picks from a professional equities trader. No subscription or In-App purchases necessary!

    Imagine having an app that gives you daily stock picks, telling you exactly when to enter and exit each trade. The Stock Advisor STG does just that and makes you money!

    Developed and maintained by a professional equities trader, The Stock Advisor STG's design makes it easy for any investor to become a successful trader, regardless of prior experience!

    This simple, straight forward application includes the following key features:

    1. Direct and easy to understand recommendations with exact entry and exit points for suggested trades, making successful investing a breeze. (e.g. Buy stock XYZ @$5.50, Sell stock XYZ @ 4% above purchase price, protect from loss @ 2% below purchase price.) Recommendations also include pertinent technical and fundamental information, giving support for, and explanations of, each stock pick.

    2. Tutorials Page: Video tutorials are provided to help users better their trading and investing techniques and performance.

    3. Blog/Articles Page: This portion of the app gives users access to a blog and recent publications from The Stock Advisor Elite's developer. This blog can also be found at

    4. A strategy page that explains, in detail, how to follow The Stock Advisor STG’s winning strategy. Also highlighted on this page are definitions of key terms that every investor will need to know to become successful.

    5. Direct contact information and support from The Stock Advisor STG’s developer.

    Designed in a blog-style, The Stock Advisor STG is a successful, straight forward application that makes you money by delivering stock picks directly to your iPhone before the open of each trading day. These recommended trades aim for multiple small, short-term gains, getting you in and out of the market as quickly as possible, reducing long-term risk while providing income and/or increasing long-term capital.

    Why aim for multiple small, short-term gains?

    Multiple small, short-term gains equal very large, long-term gains. The Stock Advisor STG's investment goal is to achieve a 5% ROI (return on investment) each five-day trading week. A 5% weekly ROI equals 260% APY (annual percentage yield). Compounding all returns; reinvesting all gains at the end of each week (and assuming we achieve our 5% ROI weekly goal), our APY increases to 1264%! The investment strategy of The Stock Advisor STG uses this compounding as a tool to achieve long-term financial gains.

    Isn’t it time to make your money work for you instead of you working for it?

    †This service is also available at

    ††This application is best suited for active traders (holding positions for one to ten days). Please visit the App Store or for these related apps:

    - The Stock Advisor MTG, for Mid Term Growth
    - The Stock Advisor LTG, for Long Term Growth
    - The Stock Advisor Elite, a combination of the winning strategies of The Stock Advisor STG, MTG, and LTG in one, powerful app!

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