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    TJSB Mobile Banking

    TJSB brings you Mobile Banking through Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS), a service that enables you to transfer money from one bank to another bank instantly. What more this service is available 24 X 7 and 365 days a year with no holidays.

    You can send money to a beneficiary account from anywhere in India from your mobile phone. The money can be withdrawn by the beneficiary from his/her bank account or any ATM. Once transaction gets completed the remitter and beneficiary will get a sms confirmation of transaction immediately.

    Advantages of IMPS services to Customers
    • Greater Customer convenience
    • Available on Holidays
    • Reduce Turnaround Times and Cost Savings
    • Extensive Application security
    • User friendly simple interface
    • Mobile banking having an edge over internet banking
    • Available across the banks

    How to get money
    • Link your mobile number to TJSB Bank account to
    get your 7 digits mobile money identifier(MMID) from bank
    • Share your mobile number and MMID with the remitter
    • Ask the remitter to send money using your mobile number and MMID
    • Check the confirmation SMS for credit to your account from the remitter

    Forward your 15 digit account number and IFSC Code to Remitter
    Remitter can directly send money in your account.
    How to send Money
    • Register yourself for mobile banking with TJSB
    • Get your 7 digit Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) from Bank
    • Enable and activate your mobile banking service of your bank on your handset by downloading
    TJSB Mobile Application, Register yourself into it and get Mobile Banking PIN (MPIN)
    • Get beneficiary mobile number and his/her MMID
    • Send money to the beneficiary following the menu option in the mobile banking application
    • Check the confirmation SMS for debit to your account and credit to beneficiary account
    Ask for 15 digit account number and IFSC Code of the beneficiary and send money directly to the account.

    Pre-requisite for Mobile banking through IMPS:-
    • Register yourself for mobile banking services with TJSB using your WAP/GPRS enabled handset
    • Get Mobile money Identifier number (MMID) from TJSB.
    • Download software for mobile banking as per the guidance from TJSB.
    • Register yourself and get MPIN.
    • Beneficiary has to link his mobile number to his account and must have MMID number from his
    respective bank. The mobile and MMID number should be shared with remitter to receive the fund.
    • Daily Transaction Limit for Mobile Banking is Rs.50, 000/- .

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