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    Personal authentication, upgraded

    We at Entersekt went looking for a solution to 100% safe, hassle-free online banking, and we found it ‒ in your pocket.

    Banks work valiantly to secure their customers’ accounts, but some of the measures they put in place are a drag. You’re probably familiar with one-time passwords, strings of letters and numbers your bank sends you to authenticate individual online banking transactions. They seem a clumsy and rather inconvenient way to verify your identity with your bank, but it’s worth the hassle if it keeps your money safe, right?

    Newsflash: passwords are simply not that secure.

    That’s because you enter them into your online banking site. What if the site isn’t what you think it is? What if it’s a phishing site that cleverly mimics your online banking? What if your computer or phone is infected with malware? Here’s what: your login details and that one-time password will be harvested by criminals who will use them to steal your hard-earned cash. It happens every day.

    At Entersekt, our engineers spent years perfecting an entirely new way to keep your money safe, one that replaces cumbersome one-time passwords and guarantees safe banking on the Internet. We call it Transakt®, a patented mobile app that transforms your phone into a personal authentication device.

    It’s this simple
    • Transakt launches automatically when you perform an online banking transaction
    • Once logged in, you’re presented with the transaction details
    • A simple “Accept/Reject” choice is the only further action you need to take
    • There is no need to type in one-time passwords and no additional hardware is required
    • All communication between your phone and the bank is encrypted
    • Your identity is tied to your handset, so you are free to change your phone number or SIM card

    ** Please note, tablets are not currently supported.

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