Tripolidator Pro

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    Keep track of all shared expenses among friends with Tripolidator for Android. Tripolidator provides a simple and elegant way to track and store expenses and repayments amongst a group of people, in one place, and ensures that all debts are kept up-to-date. Tripolidator is particularly useful when travelling to spare the hassle of splitting bills everytime a shared meal or drinks are had. At the end, Tripolidator determines the simplest way to pay off all debts, so that each person receives exactly what they are owed.

    Tripolidator contains numerous features to assist in the maintenance of expenses:
    - Add additional people to trips as more travellers join the crew.
    - Add travellers by inputting name or directly from contact list.
    - Keeps a running total of what each person is owed, how much they owe other people and how much they have spent in expenses.
    - Keeps track of individual debt between pairs of people.
    - Keeps track of repayment in case one person decides to pay off part of their debt to another person.
    - Add expenses by specifying location, person paying and amount paid and an expense breakdown, which includes quick access buttons to distribute the total amount amongst travellers.
    - Uses graph theoretical techniques to calculate the simplest way to cover all debts.

    Tripolidator Pro includes:
    - The ability to include more than 4 travellers in a trip
    - The ability to sort expenses according to different fields.
    - No advertising.