101 Weight Loss Tips




    With fad diets and fitness routines round every corner, it is quite difficult to keep a tab on which weight loss tips really do work and which don't. This Application is designed for guaranteed weight loss tips that will set your weight straight, and help you adopt some really healthy, weight-friendly habits for life.

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    1. 101+ Weight Loss Tips.
    2. The application will help read Weight Loss Tips while travelling, at Lunch time. The application does not require Internet Connections.
    3. Tips have been categories for ease of use.
    4. The application allows the user to Share Tips with other peoples and friends using Facebook, email, SMS, twitter etc.


    Application Cover questions from Following 5 broad Categories.

    1. How to lose weight fast
    2. Foods
    3. Food Tips
    4. Exercise : Weight lose tips
    5. Random Tips

    SAMPLE Facts

    1) Drink plenty of water

    First how to lose weight fast tip is that our body needs a lot of water so give in to water. Water is not just way to flush out toxin but if you have more water in your body you will generally feel healthier and fitter. This itself will discourage any tendency to gorge. The best thing about water is that is has no calories at all.

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