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    15 Sound Effects Free - High Quality by White Noise Effects is the leading free sound effects app available for your mobile phone. It features dozens of free high quality pro HD sound effects that you can use to study, sleep or relax.

    Our free pro HD sound effects include:

    -Beach Waves
    -Chirping Crickets
    -Electric Fan
    -Meditation Zen
    -Rain Shower
    -White Noise
    -Whind Chimes

    Other features include a sleep timer alarm clock, beautiful high res images for each sound, volume controls, and much more. Our audio quality is the best out there, and we are the choice of professional mixers worldwide.

    No other Android free app has near the selection or quality of sounds as 15 Sound Effects Free - High Quality

    From Wikipedia:

    • echo - to simulate the effect of reverberation in a large hall or cavern, one or several delayed signals are added to the original signal. To be perceived as echo, the delay has to be of order 35 milliseconds or above. Short of actually playing a sound in the desired environment, the effect of echo can be implemented using either digital or analog methods. Analog echo effects are implemented using tape delays and/or spring reverbs. When large numbers of delayed signals are mixed over several seconds, the resulting sound has the effect of being presented in a large room, and it is more commonly called reverberation or reverb for short.
    • flanger - to create an unusual sound, a delayed signal is added to the original signal with a continuously variable delay (usually smaller than 10 ms). This effect is now done electronically using DSP, but originally the effect was created by playing the same recording on two synchronized tape players, and then mixing the signals together. As long as the machines were synchronized, the mix would sound more-or-less normal, but if the operator placed his finger on the flange of one of the players (hence "flanger"), that machine would slow down and its signal would fall out-of-phase with its partner, producing a phasing effect. Once the operator took his finger off, the player would speed up until its tachometer was back in phase with the master, and as this happened, the phasing effect would appear to slide up the frequency spectrum. This phasing up-and-down the register can be performed rhythmically.
    • equalization - different frequency bands are attenuated or boosted to produce desired spectral characteristics. Moderate use of equalization (often abbreviated as "EQ") can be used to "fine-tune" the tone quality of a recording; extreme use of equalization, such as heavily cutting a certain frequency can create more unusual effects.
    • filtering - Equalization is a form of filtering. In the general sense, frequency ranges can be emphasized or attenuated using low-pass, high-pass, band-pass or band-stop filters. Band-pass filtering of voice can simulate the effect of a telephone because telephones use band-pass filters.
    • time stretching - the opposite of pitch shift, that is, the process of changing the speed of an audio signal without affecting its pitch.
    • resonators - emphasize harmonic frequency content on specified frequencies.
    • robotic voice effects are used to make an actor's voice sound like a synthesized human voice.
    • synthesizer - generate artificially almost any sound by either imitating natural sounds or creating completely new sounds.
    • modulation - to change the frequency or amplitude of a carrier signal in relation to a predefined signal. Ring modulation, also known as amplitude modulation, is an effect made famous by Doctor Who'sDaleks and commonly used throughout sci-fi.
    • compression - the reduction of the dynamic range of a sound to avoid unintentional fluctuation in the dynamics. Level compression is not to be confused with audio data compression, where the amount of data is reduced without affecting the amplitude of the sound it represents.

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