30 Day Muscle Workouts Fitness

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    30 Day Muscle Workouts Fitness

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    Get ripped in 30 days! XROUTiNE elite fitness training programs with detailed day-by-day guide with get you in shape in just 30 days!


    ✔ Comprehensive 7 day plan for each routine with day-by-day guide for each workout.
    ✔ Trainer developed workout routines for all fitness abilities 
    ✔ Includes exercises for all major equipments including barbell, ez curl bar, dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, medicine ball and machines
    ✔ Workouts guaranteed to improve fitness and performance

    Weekly Routines
    ✔ See the difference in just in 30 days
    ✔ For beginners and pro's
    ✔ Workout routines based upon different muscle movements
    ✔ Exercises are designed to work together
    ✔ Workout routines for gaining muscle, burning fat and toning muscle

    Individual Routines
    ✔ The scientific 7 Minute Workout (All bodyweight exercises). The newest and most-advanced HICT (High-Intensity Circuit Training)
    ✔ The '300' workout as featured in Men's Health
    ✔ Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1% challenge

    XROUTiNE 30 days training app has the ultimate workout routines at your disposal, providing you with the daily exercises and everything else you need to know for each routine. Think of it as your very own personal trainer. Each routine is broken down into days, with each day providing a unique workout. Nice simple interface with only the best workouts to pick from.
    We take the guess work out of working out, so you can focus working on your workouts!

    "Bring DETERMINATION, MOTIVATION AND DESIRE and well give you the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals!" -XROUTiNE trainer

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