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    Baji Quan sets:
    Da-Bajiquan and Xiao-Bajiquan.

    Bajiquan :
    As a famous Chinese proverb goes(文有太極安天下,武有八極定乾坤), practicing Taiji(Taichi) can bring peace to the country and exercising Baji(Bachi) can bring stability to the world.
    Bajiquan is one of famous martial arts in China with emphasis on skills of combat, such as short range power and elbow strikes.The demonstration of Baji is characterized by its power of beauty and is a transfer of vigor and harmony.
    It has been a fundamental training practiced by imperial bodyguards in China. This software utilizes a motion capture system to capture a master’s performance of Da-Bajiquan and Xiao-Bajiquan. It allows users to learn Bajiquan without limitation of viewpoints(Full 3D).
    With appropriate design and programming, it allows users:
    1.To learn Da-Bajiquan and Xiao-Bajiquan without limitation of viewpoints.
    2.To play and pause the presentation.
    3.To quickly search and play a certain form by using a scrolling bar.
    4.To watch the animation in lower speed.
    5.To select single motion or all motions to learn.
    6.Support animation mirror mode for virtual teachers, easy to follow.
    7.Music on/off.

    Bajiquan is often practiced with Piguaquan. There is a Chinese martial arts proverb that goes : "When pigua is added to baji, gods and demons will all be terrified. When baji is added to pigua, heroes will sigh knowing they are no match against it."

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