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    Relieve painful headaches in 5 minutes - The popular headache & stress relief app is now on Android

    What is it?
    5-Minute Headache Relief is a simple but very effective mobile app that people suffering from headaches. The app guides you through four proven steps that release tension in the neck, which is the #1 cause of headaches.

    45 million Americans experience chronic headaches and consumers spend more than $400 million annually on headache relief. 5-Minute Headache Relief is a quick and easy way to alleviate pain when if you have a headache right now. Plus, if used regularly, this app can help you dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches.

    How it works?
    Guides you through four steps in 5 minutes
    Fully illustrated walk-through so you can easily follow along
    Built-in timer ensures you follow each step for the right amount of time

    Why I created this?
    I've personally suffered from headaches for as long as I can recall. I remember being 10 years old in excruciating pain and having to go to the hospital for what I thought was a terrible migraine headache.

    Over the years, my headaches sometimes got worse, and sometimes better, but I consistently got them, and they ranged from 5 to 10 on the pain scale.

    I tried every migraine and headache medicine on the market; nothing really worked. I just learned to live with them. But then about 3 years ago they started getting bad again, so I threw up my arms and started to research to find out what I could really do about this debilitating problem. I stumbled on a number of books that talked about "Tension Type Headaches (TTH)". From my research, I built this app to help millions of others suffering just like me. No longer suffer, and find relief!

    Let me know what you think and enjoy life again, without headaches.


    Jeff Solomon; Just a normal guy who gets bad headaches.

    This is version 1.0, so please send us feedback rather than give us a poor rating if there is a missing feature or improvement you want to recommend. It's good today, but it will get much better soon.

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