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    This app is the Official Companion to "7 Weeks to 300 Sit-Ups" by fitness author and certified personal trainer Brett Stewart.

    * Strengthen and sculpt your abs, back, core, and obliques by training to do 300 consecutive sit-ups! This program features over 30 exercises, stretches & warm-ups for total core fitness!
    * All exercises described and demonstrated in color photos by a certified personal trainer

    Why Bodyweight Exercises?
    This is a really simple answer: Because they work. Your body is the only gym you should ever need. Sure, some gyms have amazing amenities—but you can’t take ‘em with you. Your body is a lot more portable than a Smith machine, isn’t it?

    Through balance, stability and mobility, bodyweight exercises also strengthen you in ways that no gym equipment ever can. In order to be “fit,” you need to be able to incorporate all the muscles in your body when you squat, twist, reach or jump in sports or everyday life. Strengthening your body by actually using your own bodyweight is natural and involves stimulating muscles through a normal range of motion. Lying flat on a bench or sitting while you pull a bar down are absolutely no match for the full-body strength gains and ripped physique you can get from doing bodyweight exercises with proper form.

    Most importantly, using your own bodyweight to get fit is simple, repeatable and always available. It’s much easier to sneak in a few sets of bodyweight exercises than it is to pack up and drive to the gym! The more convenient a workout is, the more apt you are to complete it. Throw in some fun and your workouts are downright enjoyable. At the end of the day the investment of time that you put into bodyweight exercises is so much less than a gym-based workout routine and it’s actually more effective at developing total body fitness!

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