婴儿&儿童 意外及急症手册 (试用版)

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    婴儿&儿童 意外及急症手册 (试用版)

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    Baby & Kid First Aid and Healthcare

    What will you do if your children comes across the situations below and medical assistance is yet to arrive apart from just standing beside your children and being anxious?

    - My baby is bitten by poisonous animals
    - My baby is choking, and becomes unconscious
    - My baby is scalded by boiling water
    - My baby is having seizure, and rolling his eyes
    - My baby’s face is turning pale and blue, and having difficulty in breathing

    Ask yourself the questions below and see if your know how to manage:

    - How can I help bring my baby’s temperature down when he is running a fever?
    - What can I do if my kid says he is not feeling well with his stomach?
    - What if my baby seems to have rashes developing over the body? Is it an eczema or chickenpox?
    - Can I tell if my baby becomes dehydrated?
    - Can I tell the differences between flu and colds?
    - How can I help if my baby keeps vomiting?

    Nonetheless, Baby & Kid First Aid and Healthcare app will tell you when you should call an ambulance and also remind you what you should or should not do in a particular situation.

    Be a life saver. Your family's safeguard and companion while your kids grow up.
    It is designed for parents to understand simple life-saving and illness managements., so they are able to know what to do during emergency with Kalei's baby & kid first aid and health care app.

    Baby & Kid First Aid and Healthcare is one of the series of tailor-made smart-phone app for helping you to care for your baby / infant / toddler / kid during emergency. No matter whether you are novice or veteran of first aid or health care treatment, you can make use of Baby & Kid First Aid and Healthcare to save your baby's life whensoever and wheresoever.

    Baby & Kid First Aid and Healthcare provides you with a wide variety of first aid and healthcare information which parents can make sense of by simply clicking on you cell-phones. Baby & Kid First Aid and Healthcare is definitely your family's safeguard and companion while your baby / children / kid / infant / toddler grows up.

    Including simple step-by-step instruction guides, Red Alerts, Tips & Warnings, Signs & Symptoms, and basic home managements for common accidents and illnesses in baby and kid.

    17 Common Baby and Kid Accidents & Injuries
    - Animal Bites
    - Bee Stings
    - Burns & Scalds
    - Choking
    - Dislocation
    - Drowning
    - Electric Shock
    - Fracture
    - Heat Stroke
    - Hypothermia
    - Poisoning (Swallowing)
    - Poisoning (Skin Burn)
    - Poisoning (Toxic Fumes)
    - Shock
    - Sunburn
    - Unconsciousness
    - Wounds & Bleeding

    11 Baby and Kid Acute Symptoms
    - Croup
    - Dehydration
    - Diarrhea
    - Ear Infection
    - Fever
    - Febrile Seizures
    - Hernias
    - Hives (Urticaria)
    - Nose Bleeding
    - Stomachache
    - Vomiting

    10 Common Illnesses in Baby and Kid
    - Asthma
    - Chickenpox
    - Eczema
    - Flu vs. Colds
    - Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease
    - Jaundice
    - Meningitis
    - Motion Sickness
    - Roseola

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