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    The Unexplainable Store is one of the largest paranormal online stores founded in Yr 2000. It focuses in brain frequencies research and publishes well-recognized products that range from spiritual & health aspects to brain function & therapeutic recordings.
    Now, iMobLife Co. Ltd is working in collaboration with The Unexplainable Store to develop top-qualified brainwave apps for Android users.

    Getting caught in an addiction is a very painful process that disrupts our lives constantly. An urge to quit addiction is something in the air, defeated by a craving for the instant joy. We know we need to stop, but often find difficulties in getting it started.

    Addiction Help Brainwave is a powerful brainwave tuning app to help you conquer bad habits by changing the addictive message to a healing message in your subconscious mind. For addiction often sets in your sub-consciousness, via meditative tone you will be implanted with an idea about how well you shall live as being addiction free. With it finally turning out to be a clear consciousness, you will be able to focus on exactly what you really want without dragged down by the harmful habits. Imagine a life without engaging in behaviors you regret. It's as simple as pressing a "play".

    Let's distinguish brainwave from the traditional ways to quit addition!

    Patches, Gums, and addiction programs all have their flaws: they only substitute one form of addiction for another. Pills can only fill your body with chemicals, with some even shown to be dangerous. Your mind should be your best ally, for the mind is in control of everything the body does, including all your cravings.

    Our Addiction Help Brainwave stimulates the core of your sub-consciousness by altering your brain frequencies. It guides the brain into a relaxed state, and then associates the mental reaffirmation to quit with each level of brainwave activity. This ensures that as you go through your day, one thing shall remain constant, i.e. Your Commitment to Quit. This commitment is the most important factor in keeping you in control of your body, the way it was meant to be.

    Why fill your body with more drugs? Your brain has the power, and we can help you unlock it. BREAK THE CYCLE TODAY!

    Product Features
    - Professionally built isochronic tone that helps you conquer bad habits by changing the addictive message to a healing message in your subconscious mind.
    - Build up your brain powers to be your best ally!
    - Step by step instructions of how to achieve the best results
    - Well-designed and user-friendly interface
    - No extensive practice required
    - You can feel the effects in minutes!

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