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    The Adrenal Fatigue Test App is part of the Health Fountain ‘Stress in the City’ series of Apps, which allows you to run a quick check on the health of your adrenal glands, which if not functioning at their optimum level, can result in health complaints such as constant tiredness, inability to remember, loss of libido and general unwellness among some of the health complaints experienced by sufferers.

    Other Apps in the series allow you to check your stress level (Stress Test App) and whether you may be heading for burnout (Adrenal Burnout Test App.)

    The ‘Stress in the City’ series consists of:
    I: Stress Test App
    II: Adrenal Fatigue Test App (this App)
    III: Adrenal Burnout Test App

    Use the App to check the state of your adrenal glands and take charge of your life again.

    The Adrenal Fatigue Test App does not require you to supply any personal contact information and it is quick and easy to use. Check your adrenal glands today.

    It is recommended that you start with the Stress Test App, and then depending on your results, move onto the Adrenal Fatigue Test App and if necessary, the Adrenal Burnout Test App in the series. None of the Apps in the series require any personal contact information (more features will be added in future versions.)

    The ‘Stress in the City’ series is designed to let you know if it may be advisable to consult a naturopathic healthcare professional to help address the symptoms you may be experiencing.

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