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    This free timer comes with a 100% money back guarantee that with consistent use you will win every event at the Olympic Games.

    But, with greatness comes responsibility. Below are potential side effects caused by androTrainer.

    More than one boxer using androTrainer has accidentally punched through an opponent’s chest causing significant staining of the canvas.

    MMA athletes are becoming “simply too dangerous to compete.” MMA referee groups are requesting governing bodies to ban androTrainer before someone not using androTrainer is “smashed beyond recognition.”

    Spinners can expect frequent incidents of wheels exploding into flames annoying other spinners not using androTrainer.

    Aquarobics instructors typically use androTrainer to queue music perfectly and run all classes on time with countless happy clients. This inevitably results in a promotion to fitness centre manager and the inevitable loss of job satisfaction that comes with a desk job and oodles of money.

    A fundamentally different way to train - sequential timed exercises with restricted rests.

    Control your workout. Save time training. Push yourself harder. Improve faster.

    Store multiple workouts with an assortment of exercises for each workout. Each exercise can have a warmup, multiple rounds and a rest between rounds.

    A little more complicated to use than basic training timers due to the number of features.

    androTrainer can talk, guiding you as you train. Your hands, legs and everything else are free as you train. You don't have to watch the clock.

    You can also associate music playlists with each exercise. androTrainer will change your music as you train.

    Ideal for MMA or boxing training, or aquarobics, spinning or any exercise that runs to a clock.

    I actually use this thing a lot so I just thought I would share it. If you want it changed, and it's a good idea, just let me know and I will include it.

    Just please don't say anything negative about the logo, my 10 year old step daughter drew it.

    And, anyone wanting to know who Sebastian is...a young professional boxer doing very well out of Fiji, fighting in Australia.

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