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    This App contains three powerful brainwave entrainment sessions that are specifically engineered to tune your brainwaves to the AWAKENED MIND BRAINWAVE PATTERN. This complex combination of brainwave ranges (alpha, theta, delta) will take your consciousness to the next level.

    You can experience the same brainwave activity as monitored from experienced meditators, Buddhist monks, mystics, healers and other masters who experience this specific pattern state of enlightened awareness. It is an amazingly powerful collection of brainwave sessions.

    When you experience the App Series 28: The Awakened Mind Brainwave Pattern , your mind will naturally float inwards and your consciousness will expand as you listen to the soothing sounds of nature or simply the tones.

    Your awareness will become free to explore new states of clarity and new modes of perception as you experience the effects of the embedded brainwave entrainment technology. Your conscious awareness will become free to take flight into your mind's eye.

    You will explore new depths as the embedded brainwave entrainment ensures that you will enter the ideal brainwave range for maximizing your inner explorations.

    This App is an excellent audio tool for biofeedback training and consciousness development.

    The App Series: The Awakened Mind Brainwave Pattern contains no guided vocals (*no spoken words) so it can be used for any meditational purposes or simply as a tool for experiencing profound states of relaxation. You can repeat your favorite track or loop the entire psychoacoustic for amazing results!

    Every time you use this , you will become more and more relaxed. With time and practice, you can learn to access these profound states of awareness at will. In the meanwhile, you can be assured that your brainwaves will be tuned to the correct frequency ranges to maximize your results.

    As the hypnotic wrap-around sounds create a 3-D atmosphere in your mind's eye, you will become more and more relaxed. This psychoacoustic voyage also contains our new Autonomic Audio-Pacing Technology™ (AAPT). You will hear the sounds of heartbeats and controlled breathing patterns floating in the distance.

    The heart rate and breathing cycle on the continually slows down at specific rates. Experienced meditators whose bodily functions were monitored using Biofeedback Equipment (EEG/EKG/GSR) show the exact same lowered rates of heartbeat and breathing. The same decreased rates that you will experience when you listen to this !

    As the pacing slows down even more, you will see yourself slowing down too. Deeper and deeper, you go. Your heart rate and your breathing cycle naturally slows down even more to mirror the rhythm of this powerful progressive relaxation.

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