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    Baby Care is the most comprehensive baby tracking application on the Market.Several thousands parents,
    nannies and child care centers are using daily Baby Care, more than 100 events
    were saved with the Application.
    "Baby-Care is just what you need to keep all the stress, anxiety and guilt at bay".
    "This app is truly the most comprehensive way to log a child's daily activities".

    Features of our app:-

    1-This app is made for simplicity ,I mean any one can use it simply without any stress
    2-The parents can save all feeding information that is important their baby with exact timing
    and also set alarm for remembering them.
    3-The parents can save medicine name,quantity and time when his baby is not feeling well and set alarm that trigger at
    exact time
    4-Its true that MOM always loves her child more than any one so she also set an alarm to care for her baby in daily ways
    5-When child is under one year he does not take meal or solid food he takes milk so MOM uses bottle ,using this app MOM
    can set bottle time alarm in a day
    6-Our app also provide some necessary tips for baby health from born to one year.That tips are awesome and helpful for
    baby care
    7-That app also has awesome UI and good features that are helpful in daily life because our life is so busy and stressful.
    Using that app at least we can leave all the stress about our baby.That app cares of our baby like MOM.

    Features include:
    * Persistent, reliable alarms
    * No battery drain
    * Highly configurable
    * Multiple daily doses
    * Prescription refill reminders
    * Medicine details

    There are several options in the Preferences:
    • Selecting Tone
    • Selecting Vibration Pattern
    • Selecting LED color
    • Selecting persisting alarms

    How To Use:-
    1-If you want to save solid information then click on solid
    2-now you in fill solid info form,click on solid info button
    3-you show a empty info form fill this form and submit it
    4-now you in alarm form, you see a clock if you want to change that clock click around the clock and you see other clock click in one it automatically set
    5-now you can set alarm,to set alarm click in device menu button you see add alarm click on it and set alarm
    6- remains all other activities work like these steps

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