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    A beautiful application that let your baby pick the song he or she likes. If he is very young you can pick for him. This is a set of apps that will teach your baby a lot of
    the greatest achievements in classical music, you can stimulate him and let relax anywhere
    and at any time. It is also an excellent application for the gestation period during which you can use in your travels, your time at work or even your free time to relax and nourish
    your baby with such beautiful sounds.

    >>> It has been shown that stimulation of ear enhances the connection between neurons.

    You may hear them singing and melodies since they are in the belly.
    If they are asleep with lullabies may babble to the four or five months.
    A curiosity of pregnancy, the ear is the first organ that develops in the mother's belly:
    the heartbeat and the flow of blood from the mother are the chords that form the first piece to perceive an embryo.

    Thereafter, all music enjoyable for parents stimulate baby's brain and provide him later acquire the language.

    Though it is through music that the baby is going to speak better, music is the bridge since it is proven that children who were stimulated with
    music from the womb are born with a predisposition to learn much more.

    >>> Dialogue between neurons

    What music does is that neural connections in the brain are more stimulated to learn, which will give the child more easily to prosody and melodic structure
    year and a half from when it begins to speak.

    A study of human brain development conducted at the University of California, U.S. about the benefits of Mozart's music in children (known as the
    Mozart effect), found that we are born with 100 billion neurons, which are connected as that our senses convey information to the brain.

    For example, see the smiles of the parents or hearing their voices makes the union between baby's nerve cells. The pregnant mother and fetus in the womb listening
    to music are mutually beneficial because the musical interaction helps to develop communication links and facilitating the progress of language

    The early music should be recommended by the pediatrician in primary care and integrated into the rehabilitation of children with disabilities
    With experience in the treatment of disabilities and autism, doctors use the music children three and four years with language difficulties.
    Improve attention, memory and begin to speak in words that copy and then manage to unite. This shows that neurons are connecting.

    Maternity in the best resorts to the music during the clinical evaluation of blind babies to improve the results. The response is fantastic because they are like sponges that meet perceived relaxation in the mother and get ready better to show their full potential.

    >>> Intensity, rings and rhythms

    As thought, the musical compositions are the beginning, middle and end. As voice, are a set of tone, intensity, timbre and rhythms so the baby gets organized.

    If Mom or Dad sing to sleep, for example, four or five months the baby babbling begins to fall asleep.

    Specialists stimulation and early child development agree that music is a tool that encourages communication. Learn singing refers to knowledge emotion, as when a baby hears a song, he first produces emotions and then copy it
    listener. As the songs, the language is also a game.

    >>> Week 16

    Only after 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby begins to capture by the auditory system sounds outside the mother. Although his brain still can not decode, it responds with reflexes.

    In the first stage is studied through a scanner how babies respond by placing small speakers an inch from the belly (to support them, the answer is sensitive and not hearing).

    On screen, the researchers found that the fetuses began to suck and who sought sound source...

    Know more inside... Enjoy this beatyfull app and expend some valuable and constructive time with your baby.

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