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    Exercises for lower back pain are the lumbar side stretch, hip flexor stretch, and calf stretches, as all three can help to alleviate pull on your spinal column.

    Hip flexor stretch

    When doing a hip flexor stretch, bring one foot forward in a bent knee, 90 degree angle, while your other leg is on the floor behind you with your foot pointed upwards toward the ceiling. The hip flexor stretch will help to open up the muscles of your back on the side of the spine near your hips. You can also squeeze your glutes as well to deepen the stretch with each breath you exhale. You should begin to feel a stretch in your back leg, in the thigh front and the hamstrings on your front leg.

    Lumbar side stretch

    This stretch will bring your legs wide with your knees bent while you sit or stand. Simply bring one hand down towards your foot on the inside of the thighs and your other hand behind your head.

    The last stretch will open up your Achilles tendon, which is the most distant pull on the spine. For this, place an object under your foot and lean the weight of your body forwards. Maintain a fluid breath while you hold stretches for 30 seconds or so. After a while, you should begin to feel a stretch behind your knee and shin.

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