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    Back pain is something which is itchy and felt in the back and it sometimes stop us to sit or stand. Back pain can completely ruin our regular life. Here is a Free to use reference app to cure back pain that can help you to solve your back problems easily. Yoga is the traditional way of curing any type of ailments in the Body.

    This app comprises of about 8 Yoga Poses and all these Poses are Handpicked Positions from a Yogic guru, these poses will help you to Strengthen your Lower and Upper Back muscles that will Rejuvenate & Revitalize your back in few days naturally.

    Generally speaking, one who follows proper diet, food, sleep & one who drinks plenty of water will not have any kind of Back pain. These Yoga poses are designed to help who are suffering from medium to severe back pain.

    Pain in the back can be caused due to several reasons, we have selected and listed a set of Eight Yoga Positions / Poses where you can strengthen your back muscles by practicing it daily. Routine practice of these yoga poses will increase your concentration, give strength to your back and especially for those who are working on Computers and on IT industry this app is really a boon to just check the Yoga poses and learn quickly.

    New Version 16 - Thanks for your support crossed more than 80000 downloads. Becoming one of the best reference app for Back pain.

    Now the content is classified into two sections for increasing the user experience, we want people to understand the effectiveness of these Yoga Poses. Each section comprises of four Yoga poses, once they finish the first one , the second section of the balance four will start. We hope you all like this App especially recommended for Backpain.

    Those who work on a computer without frequent intervals will definitely get back pain and that is called computer syndrome pain, following these Yoga exercises, one can cure back pain easily and naturally, timely food and sleep will definitely help you reduce the pain & you need to avoid sitting in one position for hours this idea can also help you get relieved from lower back pain.

    This is an useful reference app trusted by many users which can strengthen & cure your Back pain.

    You can Download, Install and keep this backapp as an reference Backpain is the most common problem for all those who are sitting on a computer or doing extraordinary physical work,.
    Backpain muscles can be strengthened to a great extent if you do these following Yoga Asana's sincerely.

    This app is exclusively made for people who are suffering from Upper & Lower Back Pain Relief.

    Yoga Asana should be learnt with the help of a Guru, one must know the inward and outward breathing count. This app is a reference app where you can swipe each page and see how it should be done.

    Reviews help us to improve the app and which will also help other users to know about this Back pain relief app.

    Eight Important Back pain Yoga Exercises / Asanas Covered in this app are gathered with the help of a Yoga professional.
    1. Bhujangasana ( The cobra Pose) very effective for lower back pain.
    2. Dhunurasana ( The Bow Pose) increase the stability & strength of entire spinal cord, very useful asana.
    3. Trikonasana - Strengthens the Knees, legs and back.
    4. Tadasana - Mountain Pose, Improves strength & vitality to the spine, strengthens the knees, ankles, relieves tensions, aches in the Body.
    5. Ardha Matsyendrasana - Increases flexibility in hips and spine.
    6. Virabhadrasana - Warrior Pose relieves back aches.
    7. Triyak Tadasana - Cleanses the gastrointestinal tract. helps you to reduce your waist size ( warning heart patients should avoid this Asana.
    8. Shalabasena - Locust Pose Hernia, cardiac complaints and ulcer should avoid this Asana

    You can download and keep this as reference. Remember to always take a opinion from a physician before doing any exercise,great results can be achieved only by learning it from a Yoga master. This app is only for educational purposes.

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