Back Straightener




    This application helps people to remain to straighten their back.
    Simply put your smart phone into you pocket where you can feel its vibrations.
    The phone vibrates in short and random periods of time. The vibration is signal for you to straighten your back by yourself.
    It vibrates differently than you SMS or incoming call notifications so you will distinguish between them.
    Enjoy this application and use it carefully. And remember ! This applications suits you !

    This application is not based on medical practices so it's only your responsibility to use it. If you find out some troubles, don't use this application anymore and uninstall.
    Also if you doubt about usefulness of this application don't install it.

    Vibration is disabled after installation, you must turn it on by yourself.

    CONTROL VIBRATION - the purpose of this aplication
    READ PHONE STATUS - disable vibration during call

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